The Ambience at the Pichlerhof Farm

Farm Holidays in South Tyrol: traditional yet contemporary

Experience the authentic rural lifestyle and traditions without sacrificing the mod cons. The renovated 400-year-old Pichlerhof mountain farm in Meransen is traditional family heritage. Although the original old farmhouse no longer stands, a strong rustic ambience is transmitted in the warm, wooden furnishings and careful choice of natural fabrics. One feels completely at ease in the wood-panelled rustic living room or in the lounge, relaxing with a good book.

The central climate-controlled system at the Pichlerhof helps to ensure a constant indoor temperature in our freshly renovated buildings. The bright, comfortable apartments are all furnished in designer natural woods (spruce & oak), with warm-coloured natural fabrics. The harmonious colour scheme was carefully thought out so as to enhance the congenial ambience.