Home-grown Produce & Culinary Ingredients

Making the most of Nature’s Bounty, with care and dedication

Fruit trees, vegetables and various kinds of herbs are grown in our orchards and vegetable patch. These include medicinal and aromatic herbs, which are useful both in the kitchen as well as when blending herbal teas. Whatever we grow is processed right on our farm, where we transform organically-grown farm produce into high quality products for sale or for use in our own kitchen.

Strawberry, raspberry and plum jams, elderberry and lemon-balm syrups or vegetable pickles are just some of the fruits of our labour awaiting you on our farm. For breakfast, enjoy freshly hatched free-range eggs and farm fresh milk in a typical rural mountain setting in South Tyrol!

Our work on the farm enables us to produce the best Nature has to offer all year round. Tendering our fields and caring for our livestock produces results of the highest quality. During your stay on the Pichlerhof farm in Meransen, you’ll experience some of the best home-grown South Tyrolean delicacies!

The Pichlerhof Farm